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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I had a good day of training today- well maybe not spectacular, but it is definitely coming back! Our swim workout was very hard- the main set(for us girls) being 8x( 100 on 1:20 max/best avg, 50 on :60) Last week my 100's barely broke 1:20- ouch- but today was quite a lot better. I started out at 1:12, and ended at 1:15ish (long course btw). It's funny how fast a 50 on :60 will go by when you can barely move. I checked my workout log from waaay back, and my best set of 100's best avg was around 1:13.5's- but that was with 100's easy in between.
The run today was back at Cedar Hill. It hurt a lot as usual. The set was one lap base, two laps tempo, one lap cool down and then 4x hill repeats desc 1-4. Me and Kyla pushed the pace super hard on the tempo laps, and even though we positive split considerably, I think it was a really good effort. ( each lap is around 3.5 km I think- and very hilly)
My legs felt like death after that- I'm now on week 3.5 of hard without recovery+ a race. So every workout is a challenge, but I think I can hold on for another week or two. 
I got the stay healthy speech again today. This is ironic cause I have a cold again that the coaches are not yet aware of. I didn't get enough sleep at all over the weekend- due to late night packing, early morning practices, race night prep, and then lastly and the kicker- a good 4+ hour phone conversation ;)
so now I'm back trying desperately to get 8+ hours of sleep a night while sticking strictly to my diet. NO SUGAR!! That's the one i have the most trouble with- today I had an Arizona Iced Tea after my run- which breaks the diet on sooo many levels. But other than that today has been good. 
Any how- I had a good attitude today. I think i'll try to have a good attitude tomorrow as well. I've been having attitude issues with lake swims- so tomorrow looks like a good time to change! Night

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