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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 1

My exams and such went alright today-it was definitely one of those tests where you know you could've gotten 100% if you had studied and gone to class- but I'm pretty sure my inner genius prevailed nonetheless.
The run was hard- after a long warm up with strides galore we did 30 min of good effort- as in tempo one building to race pace effort. This hurt a lot, and I think I should book a massage because the whole time I was running Kyla's massage therapists words kept running through my head- likely causing my legs to hurt more than they should have. ( Kyla's massage therapist basically told her she was doomed because she was too tight and had too much scar tissue in her legs) When the death run was over, ( we prob did around 17km today), I headed to Ian Stewart to do my swim- it was outside- it was cold- I was slow. But I did have fun.
Tomorrow morning is my first lake swim of the year. Everyone else has done at least five- I think I've been sick for all of them. I am completely ready to get back into things and start being a triathlete again. 
One thing I've learned this year is the importance of sleep. I really need to sleep a lot, and it is funny how different it feels to show up to practice on 5 hours of sleep vs. 8. I don't necessarily think you'll go any faster on 8 hours, it just makes it much more enjoyable. I think it's likely nice for other people when I'm not a grumpy mess too.
So that is why I am off to bed! Night

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