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Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I really need an elf. I've learned this year that I have problems when it comes to getting normal, everyday stuff done. In essence- mom stuff. It's not that I didn't appreciate it when my mom bought food, did laundry, booked me appointments- I knew she was doing it, and I was always thankful. I guess I just didn't realize how bad I would be at mom stuff. Today I had 3 goals: grocery shop (for my new naturopath diet which will BOOST my immune system- it is: "you can eat pretty much nothing"...), find someplace to give me a massage, do laundry. Oh, and finish all necessary training. That is it. What did I do today? I swam, got home, starved because I didn't yet have any food I was allowed to eat, fell asleep. I woke up and got into typical anxious alex mode, and started doing a billion things at once- which means ultimately nothing getting done. I finally got myself a massage, so I did that, grocery shopped for two hours. Ate tons of food- and I still haven't done my laundry or my run! I really need an elf!!!! 

Different note- I did my third Newton Heights crit yesterday. And guess what?? I stayed in the pack for almost one half of the ride! Wohoo- I lasted 6.5 laps- last time I only lasted 3/4 of a lap which means I did 8.6 times better! This is a good thing. On a worser note- I have completely lost my ability to swim, and I am slightly panicked for Iowa. I barely made 50's on 40 today- oh wait no- I didn't make 50's on 40. I was going 41's. I am screwed. 

I think the earth is a nice place and we need to stop it from getting destroyed. I read on the inside label of my endangered species dark chocolate (which I've decided I can eat even though chocolate is on the naughty list) that the population of chimps has gone down 90% since 1990. I think that is very bad.  

Anywho- I gotta get my head back in the game. Later

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Kyla Coates said...

Guess what I just learnt though! Des Moines is a dry-Tri- so swimming doesn't even matter!!!
not that dry-tri is good though... ugh. I still haven't gotten back into running yet :(