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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunshine rocks and bird watching

These last couple weeks have been pretty cool. I've seen more of my friends in the last couple weeks than all year put together probably, and I've been to so many new places! 
Lets start at the start- well Austin came and visited for a bit. That was great- we went down to the beach, and he used his muscle to push some of the logs in so we could paddle around. (I'd like to say I helped to get them in- but I'm pretty sure my pushing did absolutely nothing.) We made a sweet little campfire out of some old sparks still sizzling under the rocks. We ate carrots and apples and it was all around a wonderful day. The track kids were all up here for West Coast series, and it was great getting to watch them run, and then hang out a bit. Jessica did amazing and is going to World's- so congrats Jess!! 
I trained hard, and got more and more exhausted. And not any faster unfortunately. 
We headed out to Seattle Friday morning, and had a seven hour trip due to friday afternoon rush hour traffic. At one point Kyla yelled out the window: "Why do you people live here?" It was memorable :)
We had some super fun race prep in the afternoon- practicing our hi-ho silvers, and running around and around the many exits of transition. At one point during that time I remember thinking, "Man, this is why I like triathlon. You get to run around in your socks and feel fit." It's the truth.
The race itself was decent- definitely not up to par, but I couldn't of expected much more. The swim felt sooo slow- the bike was also slow ( but probably considerably better than any other tt bike we've ever done), and the run was as fast as is possible when there is no one to race. It was a beautiful course though. Congrats goes to Sharpe and Christine, who are the youngest in the group, and who beat all of us old-timers. 
Then we drove home that day- following Patrick in some insane Highway driving. PK told me I was the best girl driver he's ever met! Even though he'd take that back in an instant if he saw some of my other driving skills, I will still cherish the comment forever.
Today Jessica was with us, and so we went on a say trip to Sooke! It was absolutely amazing out there, and the list of animals we saw goes like this: Rabbits (uvic), deer (uvic), Vultures, bald eagles, and a huge owl! We also saw a seal the night before when we were in Sidney for tea. Solid day! We did a 4 hour 1 and a half hour hike ( meaning we spent at least 4 hours on it) and we did so much cool stuff. We climbed rocks, they ice bathed while I napped on a log, we walked on secret beaches, we sunned ourselves on rocks, and we were all around awesome adventurers. 
A great day.
I have a bit of a head cold from not sleeping enough- so I'd better get to bed. Hopefully I'll be back in business for another day of good training and learning.

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