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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Sleep is a wonderful, horrible need. I love sleep- and I hate it. The best feeling in the world is when you finally can lay down, close your eyes, and drift off.
Waking up with sunshine in the window, feeling happy, getting up and getting things done.

I hate sleep because there never is enough time for it. Why do we need to sleep anyhow? Do animals need to sleep as much as us? What about the birds, they're never sleeping. Three am! Bing chirp chirp chirp chirp- it's morning! It's morning!
What about the bunnies? No matter how late you come home, you can find at least a couple midnight nibblers. 

I also hate sleep, because it can influence your attitude drastically. With enough sleep, you can do anything, face any fear, jump and run and be happy.
Without it, things stop mattering as much. Why again do I need to take all these vitamins? Why am I training so much? it's a beautiful day, but I can't stay happy. I just need to lay down. 
I just need to sleep.

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