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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Earning my Wings

And sometimes life just doesn't give you lemons.

It's funny how you know that something is not right before you are fully awake, and then when you remember it's like a kick in the stomach. Then, due to emotional turmoil, everything else manages to go wrong. You forget to bring water bottles and/or nutrition to workouts, open car doors into your head, leave purses in starbucks, get lost and drive around aimlessly for hours, burn your face while making noodles. Lie in bed for hours. I guess I should be happy I didn't fall off the roof. 

I read somewhere that angels earn their wings by going through hard things in their lives. I have a very privileged life, surrounded by wonderful people and an amazing environment. But right about now I think I might be earning a feather or two. Lets make it three. This one hurts.

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