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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Wonderin

So today in Yoga during Shavasenah ( I have no Idea how to spell it or even pronounce it- so this is my new made up word. It means the deep relaxation part at the end of yoga) we were supposed to find our true selves. The part of us that would exist if we had no bodies. So I was finding myself and as I was doing that I found out that I was talking to myself. ( things like "relax your shoulders"- " I wonder if my aura is red or green- red or green?"-"stop thinking so much"... and other random stuff like that.) ANYways, the point is I realized that I was talking to myself in English. 
So I was wondering, before the beginning of language, was there tangible- or real thoughts? I believe that there would be emotions and reflexes- but what about actual thoughts? Do animals have the same thought processes as us, if they don't have a language to think them in? I tried making myself think in an unknown language- a "thinking/feeling" language, but I don't think it worked. Do we dream in a language? I know I've had a dream in French before. 
I dunno. 
Just wonderin

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