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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh Canada

So Kyla and I got to experience Canada Day in true Victoria style yesterday. It reminded me a lot of the Calgary Stampede because there were a lot of scantily dressed inebriated kids running around. It was pretty cool nonetheless. It was fun running into all the boys from the team and pretty much just hanging out with them. We saw each other all day- you'd think we would have gone our separate ways. But it was cool. I felt loved. We also got to see K naan- which was wicked. It was sad that Stevo didn't make it- so I am uploading some videos for sharing. Hope they work! The second song is a brand new one I think- he told us that if he messes up the words, it'll be good because no one knows them yet. 
Please excuse the poor cameramanship. I'm still learning :)

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