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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ups and Downs

So I've had bunches of Ups and Downs lately. A great practice here- and then another bad one there. Up goes confidence, down goes confidence. So I'm working on maintaining that- expecting rather than hoping and so forth. 
Yesterday all of us girls kept up during the entire crit!! I was super pumped about that. Last time I was dropped on the first lap. 
This past weekend my friends Steph and Elise came out to visit. Steph is moving to Australia, and Elise goes to U of T, so I won't get to see them for a long time. It was a super fun weekend though! We went for Tea with Steph in Sydney before Elise got in (and saw another seal), and then the next morning we went downtown and had breakfast, and looked at the market before heading out to Sombrio for our camping adventure. It is definitely a special place- that is for sure! I took Elise to the Butchart Gardens before she left, and that was amazing as usual. 
I was sad to see them go :( Gonna miss you girls.
My emotions and thought processes, moods and perspectives have been doing ups and downs too lately. Sometimes I'm so happy to be here in Victoria, and then other times I'm like that's it- I'm running away to Alaska. 
But the world is a beautiful place- so I guess that always makes things better. 

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