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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So there is plenty to write about- but I don't think I'm in a good writing mood today. So far every e-mail I've responded to hadn't really made sense. I contemplated leaving ze blog for another time- but then decided random non-senseness is probably good for all those people out there who are too sensed. ible. ya.
So I've been up for a long time now. I didn't get to bed till around midnight PEI time, and then woke up at 3:30 to catch the bus to Charlottetown. And then from there we flew to Toronto. Toronto was a big, horrible, stuffy, contained, clausterphobic disaster. We got on a super plane, but then had to sit for about 2+ hours on it while they cartered us arounds, and talked about broken engines that were being fixed and stuff. We eventually got shoved back into the airport to wait for a new plane- which didn't even come equipped with personal televisions!! The tragedy. We finally got into Vancouver without connecting flights of course- but someone smiled down on us, and we somehow all got onto the next flight to Victoria via Standby. Thankyou! Arriving in Victoria- luggageless of course- I find it to be about 27 degress and blue skies all around. And I MISSED IT!! sob. it actually felt like summer :( 
Oh well. New day tomorrow. 
As for the race- well one more learning experience under my belt. One day there has to be nothing left to learn, but in the mean time I guess I'll take it. 

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