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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Self realization. Who am I?  Really? Turns out it's not good to dwell on these questions too much. You get all tangled up in the fences: I'm logical, therefore I can't be impulsive, so I must be practical, but that doesn't generally fit... you get the picture. Putting everyone in different yards is fun, but never realistic as no on fits one particular description. And by trying to define yourself, you often end up getting trapped in the words. 
I thought for a long time today on my run about how I could be grouped. I realized that in general, people are what you make of them. I don't think anyone is interpreted by others perfectly, or even are capable of interpreting themselves perfectly as they are constantly changing. So who am I really? I like just Alex. Just Alex is who I am as a whole, constantly changing, shimmying from one yard to the other, maybe over a couple rooftops. Fun and boring, smart and silly, and sometimes not so smart, mature and immature, strong and weak. Just Alex.
or maybe just SuperAlex  :)

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