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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Adventures

I'm back in Victoria- Back from Nationals in Kelowna, back from Penticton, back from the Cabin, back from camping, and back from Calgary! All in the span of what? 2 weeks and a bit! Woo
I'm sad it's over already.
Kelowna went really well. I was very happy with my race! I had a rough time in the water, getting beat up pretty bad and not being able to get around some slower swimmers, but I did swim my hardest. I came out of the water in the second pack, and then Stevie, Rachel, myself and some Quebec girls pulled a very large pack around the 4 laps. We tried to drop them, and almost succeeded, but not quite. I was still happy with it because I was being the drop-er instead of the drop-ee this time. The run was fast as well, and I managed to run myself up to fourth  which was nice. I didn't get a podium finish as I would have liked, but I did give it my all with minimal mistakes, so an overall good race. Christine did awesome, Marianne did awesome as well and as usual, Paula won the Junior and the Senior race!, Sarah did amazing in the Olympic, Stevo raced on a foot full of stitches, Austin looked good, Kyla crashed even though she was doing absolutely perfectly up to that point, Matt Sharpe was a tank!, Andrew Russell biked like a superstar, Kerry- wow- Kerry did awesome all by herself... and everyone else there did good too! Sigh, what fun!
After Kelowna was sweet too! So so many new adventures. I was in Penticton with Austin for the Olympic race- and watching the elite men was sooo exciting! I also got to see lots of special places which was cool!
We then proceeded to Banff where we met up with Gaby and Kyla and Peter and Keightly (?) and had a grand ol time.
We then drove back to the Cabin for some wakeboarding/waterskiing action and some secret spot sharing, and then after that it was back to Canmore for a night of camping- complete with white wine and an abandoned mountain cat. 
We then decided it was too cold for our Campeezy adventure in the Rockies, so we drove all the way up to the Shuswap, where we hiked previously un-hiked territory and entered House- boating only land. We set up camp and built some rafts and were happy.
The story ends with us returning to the cabin for the weekend, and playing football and enjoying more water sports before returning to Calgary for one day and then back here! I was sad to leave again :( 
Victoria is beautiful as ever, and starting classes is fun so far. So that is the summer days story. More memories to be made!

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