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Friday, September 19, 2008


Today I swam better- although practice was considerably easier. And then we played water polo, which I enjoyed. I can't seem to feel right. Is it possible to overdose on healthy stuff? I think my Oil of oregano, Vitamin C and Virus E-blockers are not combining properly. Either way I'm going up and then down on the health meter. One second I'm perfectly fine, and then the next I feel like I can't stay awake. 
But guess what? I've been living in a one person apartment with two other sick kids- and I haven't gotten sick yet!!!!! This is big news! BIG NEWS! I've lasted probably more than 7 days, and I'm still fighting. I mean- this is Alex Coates we are talking about- the kid with the worse immune system on the planet! But I can do it- I can do it! 
Go immune system I believe in you!!!
Okay, off to do get stuff accomplished, you know, or else take a ten minute nap...

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