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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a world we live in.

So back at it. Back to the homework stress, the school stress, the training stress, the racing stress, the making sure I am healthy stress (which is such a counter-productive stress I know!), the being the best I can be stress! Whew! Ya I'm a little stressed. No harm done. 
These last couple weeks have been pretty sweet. Running with the Vikes and then doing all other workouts on my own sure allows for more free time! And it has been bee-utiful here in Victoria land.
But workouts started, I panicked, and now I'm here. After a very near death experience where I sent in my assignment, which was due at Midnight, and it ended up going through at 11:59, and probably 52 seconds if I were to guess correctly! WHEW close one. 
And then after a near mental breakdown while getting lost in translation in a physics lab. It's not the physics. It's the lab instructor who doesn't speak english, and doesn't seem to speak lab manual either! AAH! Why can't I just follow the book? I don't UNDERSTAND YOU!!! 
Anywho, that's over. And sleep will follow. And good things after that. Maybe Peter will move out and I can have some space ;) No problem with Peter- just the space. 
Haha. I also hope everyone learns to be at peace a little better. Maybe it's just me, but I think some Being Peace Lessons are in order to the general society. As I said though, maybe it's just me.  Breathing and smilin' :) 
I'm attaching a pic of me smiling.

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