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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The boys racing- U of A vs. Vikes

The top ten girls getting certificates

Top women's team! 

The course in the morning when it was still very cold.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
So yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving with Austin and Peter and Deirdre and Adam and Neil and James. Neil was the master cook, and so thank you for the wonderful food Neil! 
I really wish I could have gone to Jasper with my family, but we had a good weekend nonetheless. 
On friday afternoon we headed over to Olympia via the Coho ferry, and got there just in time for supper. We stayed at a really fancy hotel, and I really appreciated it f
or the one night we stayed. We woke up the next morning at seven, and I was surprised at how cold it was! I wasn't expecting it coming from Victoria. There was frost all over the ground, and the snow covered mountains made it seem that much colder. 
I did my race warm up in all of my clothes pretty much, and by the time the race was about to start I was finally warm. The air had gradually warmed up as well, and at 10:00 when the gun went off we were all in singlets and shorts. 
I raced the first lap really conservatively, because I didn't want to go out too far as I did in Stanford. After that I just tried to stay loose and positive. I think it worked because I ended up finishing very well. Here are some pics!
The ladies pre ferry trip

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