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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pictures from San Francisco and my day

So the terrible week is almost over! Two more assignments due on Monday, and then I think I get a bit of a break! Wohoo! Training this week was pretty tough, and the run today was epic! Kyla, Kerry and I did our run after our swim, but Brent came out and gave us the workout which was really nice. The main set was 3x 2 km. Each 2k was composed of 1 km of fartlek  ( 2oo @1500 pace, 100 ez, 300@pace, 100 ez, 200 pace, 100 ez), and then the next km was a loop at 5km pace. What made it so epic was that we were running around Mt Doug field, in our spikes with torrential rain and blasting wind, all by ourselves. It was a good workout for me- I descended my km's from 3:50 to 3:40.  In blasting wind might I repeat- haha. Anywho- today is a great day! 
Ummm... oh ya- yesterdays pot luck with the Vikes girls was super fun. We ate very fancy food, and then pretty much sat around and sang songs like a cute little family :). We we can call it a jam sesh. And I better tell all other cross teams out there- if we don't win CIS, at least we could take you guys on in a talent show! Our team has a lot of talent! Laura is pretty much the coolest singer I have heard in a long time and I can't wait to buy her CD. She just has so much vibe that you want her to sing forever. Shauna is just as amazing, but with a completely different style- classical-er. I've heard Marilyn is amazing, and I'm pretty 
sure she is in the victoria opera or something of the kind- Somebody feel free to correct me here. So she is- like- pro! And then Adrienne is really good too, and all of them can play guitar and piano and or flutes and stuff- and then with the rest of us girls as back up dancers- man we couldn't be beat!! 

Anyways, dinner was really cool. I have a bunch of pictures from San Fran which were taken by Laura, and I stole them of Facebook without permission
. I am giving her credit though- these pictures were all taken by Laura Mitic. 

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