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Friday, October 3, 2008


So I haven't written in a long time, but not because not much has happened. Mostly because life gets a little crazy sometimes- and then even if your random thoughts come fast and furious, you just gotta suppress them. SUppress! Technically I should go to bed right now, but I'm the queen of doing things when I should be going to bed, and I wouldn't want to lose my sovereignty! 
Last weekend we had our first cross race of the season just outside of San Francisco! It was pretty awesome. We flew out friday morning, raced saturday, drove into San Fran and saw the bridge saturday afternoon, ate dinner at an everything garlic restaurant at night, and then flew home in the morning! It was pretty wicked. The race itself was decent, and extremely painful. I'll try to take it out slower next time, so I don't die with half of the race still to go. Next weekend is a race in OLympia. I'm kinda scared, not going to lie. I also wish I got to go home for thanksgiving, because I miss Jasper thanksgivings sooo much :( Oh well.
This week was crazy with midterms and stuff- but I think it should get better for a bit now. And awesome friends have made this last week extra special. 
Okay, that is my update. Night 

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