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Friday, March 27, 2009

More Tuscon and Back in Vic

Here's my slightly longer re-cap 
on our training camp last week.

The camp was great!  

Last year in Tuscon I felt as though the training I did was too haphazard to actually feel like progress, and other than having fun in the sun I didn't really get much out of it. (This is likely because I came later than everyone else, and missed the necessary training cycle) This year though was totally opposite. 
Right from the start we had solid workout after solid workout. We swam at the U of A pool and while I was there it was short course yards, which is a treat for me. I still think I have a lot more work to do on my swim before I'll feel confident, but this camp did help get me back up to where I was. 

Right up to the camp I had been really sick, and I remember the swim workout with Carolyn the day before I left was horrible. We were doing 300's draft pack and I had to stop because I was being dropped and couldn't breathe. Carolyn told me, "It'll all come together in Tuscon." I was a little skeptical, but she was right. As soon as training started in Tuscon I felt a lot better both physically and mentally.
Another reason why I enjoyed the U of A pool in Tuscon was because we started integrating with the senior team, under coach Phillipe. Although I was the slowest swimmer, it was fun to get away from our routine swim workouts, and try out some different ones. I think Phillipe has a gift for making hard workouts not scary. You work hard, but don't freak out about them before hand. I'm also the world's worst puller, so with the amount of pull we did I must be getting better at it! 
The bikes were the main part of the camp. We did probably 2.5 to 3.5 hours of biking a day.  Mt. Lemmon was awesome as usual, but we only got to do it once while I was there, and no time- trial. I'm happy to have just done it once though -  it is pretty tough. I think the funniest ride was our 3 hour "base" ride that we did one morning right after swim practice. I think it was probably base for Simon and Kyle, Austin, A-Russ, and maybe some of the other guys,  but it sure wasn't base for me! I thought it was humorous because we all were cursing the big guys at the front, but no one was willing to drop off until we were told to after about 2 hours.  My worst ride was the shoot-out ( a 100 k race ride). The first 45 minutes were warm-up, and then it turned into an all out sprint. I was expecting the sprint, but I had no clue it would be that hard to stay in the pack! My theory was if I can draft behind a car or a motorcycle, it should be easy to get to high speeds in a huge pack without getting dropped! Wrong! I was immediately shot off the back when the sprint started! I was already totaled from the "base ride" (see above) of the day before, but I used all my sprinting power to catch onto the tail end of the pack. I was finally back in when the guy I was drafting off of dropped off, and then that was it. I didn't have enough reserves to sprint around him and catch back on again. My shoot-out experience consisted of 45 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, rest of the 80 k ( because when you are dropped you take the short-cut route) as pace line work with my sister, Aaron and some randoms. 

The most epic ride was probably our hill repeats up the steep side of gates pass. We started a ways down from the hill, and so in my opinion the worst part was trying to go fast for around 8 minutes of steady incline and rolling hills before hitting the actual hill. The time trial was really painful, and then we grouped up and did it again two more times! We were really dead by the end.
As for running, I had one good 10x4oo's track workout. It felt nice to be on the track again. I also had a good run in the desert except for 2 things: 
#1 I stepped on a cactus and it went through my shoe and into my foot and it really hurt
#2 I didn't see any desert animals

Now I'm back home and wishing I was still in Arizona. I think about how the guys are still training super hard and practically all I am doing is random workouts while studying madly and I get uber jealous! You guys have no idea how lucky you are ;) 

At the same time, I'm sure people say that about how lucky I am to have gotten to go for the 12 days that I did. 

Happy Birthday MoM.

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Austin Horn said...

That was a really good update! I quite enjoyed reading it... well done! :)