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Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Happy

After getting back from Tuscon I felt fast, I felt fit and I felt happy. It lasted about three days before the full homework attack hit me. Although it was made worse by the fact that I had just missed a week and a half of school, I think that the week would have been hell regardless. It was the two midterms, one paper, one final paper (40 pages!) and one final exam that really killed me. Needless to say my training volume dropped, and my hours awake sky rocketed! I think I got to bed before eleven one night last week (counting last night), and had one 3 am bedtime. When I did get to bed semi on time, I had trouble sleeping. Even though I did a good job of only taking things one at a time, the general anxiety got to me. I couldn't even nap! (still can't, I just tried.) 

On top of that my lack of training and up-coming workouts have been stressing me out as well. The only good thing is that even though I have had a mental breakdown before every workout, I seem to be performing fine! I had one of my best swims of the year on friday morning, and Gaby and I really pushed ourselves on an hour long race-pace brick workout on saturday. I'm getting really excited to race. 

My plan for the next couple weeks is to get a lot of sleep. Hopefully now that I have 1.5 weeks to study before my next exam, I can relax a bit. I think I'm going to have to re-teach myself to relax. I also need to rest so that I can train hard again, because right now I just feel too burnt out to train.  I also need to clean my house. 

And get my happy back.

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