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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Champion of the World

Oklahoma is coming up real fast- as in Not this Weekend But Next- fast. I've decided that I am super stoked. Some of my best races, actually ALL of my best races, have been when I've gone into them pretty relaxed. (I'm never actually relaxed going into a race, but relaxed in a sense where I am not putting too much pressure on myself.) As long as I race as fast as I can race, and I write down before hand what my goals are, and the 5 things I need to do to have a good race, then I can just let it go. If you hit the steps, you get the results. For me the biggest step is always have a good swim, and then have a good T1 and get in that pack. From then on I know I can have a good race. 
Another thing I have learned is that trying too hard doesn't guarantee results. The first time I learned this was when I was 11 or so and I was trying to get an A time in 100 back. My best time was only a second or less off, and so I was determined to get it. Every meet and time trial my coach made me do it, and every race I wanted it so bad that I would give it 110, no a billion, percent. Imagine lactic to the point of not moving, that is how hard I tried. And I never got it. 
One day for some reason I decided to go easy, and all of a sudden I got it!  It didn't even hurt that much. I learned then that as paradoxical as it sounds, trying your hardest isn't always the best way to go.

That is why when I swim in Oklahoma, I am going to swim smooth and strong and fast but not hard. I'm going to be relaxed and I'm going to have fun.  If you aren't enjoying the moment, the adrenalin rush, the excitement, then you aren't having a good race that is for sure. When the excitement starts to slide and the pain predominates, I always ask myself: " Do I want this?" and I always answer "yes". Why else do I train so much? And when it comes to a push, I always ask myself, " How badly do you want this?" And then I push stronger. 
Or as Neil says, " YES, you can. " ( Well I guess Bob the Builder says that as well, but Neil says it differently.) You can get through the pain, you can come out of the water with the pack, you can catch those bikers ahead, you can out-sprint that racer, and you can finish this race. You can. Do you want it?

As sick as I've been, and as crappy as I feel in some of the workouts, I'm not too worried. Worried never helped anyone anyhow. I think that having a good attitude is the key to success. Look at Kirsten Sweetland! ( Hi Kirsten haha) She always has a good attitude, and is always successful! 
Coincidence? I think Not! ( I believe that was a quote from The Incredibles right there) 

So there you have it. My motivational speech to myself perhaps, but also some mental goals for the season. 
I am now going to eat a big salad because I've been reading "Eat to Live" and it makes you want to become a vegetarian. I haven't finished it yet though, so I'm saving my overall judgement for the end. Later dudes

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Austin Horn said...

Wow, that was awesome! Very insightful and motivational!