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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oklahoma Patco Championships 2009

Patco 2009 is over, and although I had hoped the end of Patco would reduce the pressure for the rest of the season, the opposite happened. I went into the race with a goal: to win. I decided that although I've been on the podium a couple times, I've never won an important race, so this was my opportunity. Also, winning Patco would secure a spot on the World's team! Unfortunately the race didn't go the way I had hoped. On the second lap of the bike my wheel got stuck in one of the many cracks/or seams in the road, and I hit the pavement. It wasn't just the crash though that ruined my chances, it was the fact that my wheel got pushed right into my left brake pad, and when I went to sprint and join in the tail end of the pack, my wheel barely moved. I ended up having to stop and fix my wheel 3 times during the next lap. I came onto the run and knew that my race was over, so I just decided to give it all I had and finish the race the best I could. I was sooo happy when I was running out on the first lap to see Kyla in front coming the other way. She was followed very closely by the Mexican Enriquez and a bit back from her was Marianne. I also was super pumped to see Gaby running right along with them. The worst feeling is to be having a crappy race and to see that your team mates are also having a crappy race. To see everyone doing so well really lifted my spirits. On my second lap, about at the turn around point I could hear the race announcer going crazy because the first place finisher was coming in. I heard Kyla and then Enriquez and in my head it was a sprint finish between them. (Although in actuality Kyla had made a pretty good gap on her). I slowed up so much and then when they announced that Kyla was the 2009 Patco Champion, I was as happy as can be! Although we had talked about winning, and we knew it was possible, having it actually happen to one of us was an amazing feeling (getting twin-ed out yet?)
At this point I realized that I still had 1.25 km to go, so I picked it up again and finished my race. I ended up coming in 28th out of 41 girls. I also had the very fastest T1 split! ha ha beat that Kyla!

Although I'm sad that my race didn't get to be as magical as Kyla's was, I am still pretty happy with how strong I felt considering just 2 weeks before I had been sick in bed. I know I can train harder now, get faster, and prove myself in the next races to come. I'm excited for more racing and am thoroughly enjoying being a triathlete at the moment. I hope that my next races can be a good as this one was (if you minus the crash).

Watching the jr Boys, and then the elites race was also very inspiring. Congrats to everyone and good luck to our boys who are racing in Austin, Texas this weekend.

Ps. The pics at the top are half stolen from various locations, and half from my own camera.

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