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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Montreal Adventure

So last weekend we raced in Montreal- Coteau du lac to be exact, and it went pretty well. We stayed in this little inn in a small town called Rigaud, where we took up most of the rooms. Unfortunately there wasn't many options for eating dinner, and a couple of us ended up eating at this fairly greasy restaurant two nights in a row. The first night didn't bother me too much, but the night before the race it really did, and I was suffering a bit race morning.
Because of that, I couldn't eat as much as I should have seeing as our race was at 12:30, and that might be why by the end of the race I was bonking so hard. Anyways, here is my race report:
I started off in a good spot on the pontoon thanks to my loyal teammates who saved me a spot!! Thanks guys! It really helped because I was swimming in the front pack for a good while. At one point Kyla and I were on some feet and we realized she wasn't holding on to Alison, Christine and Hilary, so we had to swim around her. Coming around the buoys a pretty good sized gapped had formed, and although I was swimming my hardest I couldn't catch back up again, although Kyla did. If I can get my swim to the same level as Kyla's by the time Gatineau roles around I'm positive my race will be excellent.
Despite swimming by myself for the rest of the lap, I came out about 30 seconds from the lead (Hilary) and about 20 seconds from making lead pack.

Onto the bike I was solo for a bit before the Edwards Sisters caught me. I think we were working pretty good together, but at the turn around point of the second lap we were caught by this Maassive chase pack. The pace was way faster, but also easier seeing as there were more girls to draft off of.

Onto the run I immediately felt really weak and wobbly. That was probably because I worked harder than usual on the bike, but as the run progressed I began to feel weaker and weaker, and I was wishing that they would give me a gatorade instead of water at the aid stations. I think I should have taken my gel with me onto the run- something to think about next time if I have trouble eating in the morning. ANyways, I still managed to run up to front pack, and so I came in fifth which is in the race, unlike Winnipeg. Moving up one step at a time! Joanna Brown who was also in my pack ran herself up to second! So congrats goes to her for sure. She was also killing it on the bike.

We watched the elite men and women race, and it was pretty fun to watch. I think the biggest congrats go to AP, Paula, Kerry, and Frank.... and JP... okay and probably a ton others. There was definitely some really awesome races. Austin and Amac didn't have their usual pep- so they'll get that back for San Fran!

We had a whole extra day in Montreal to explore (while the Des moines team trained) and so we spent the day walking around old Montreal and some of New Montreal before meeting everyone for dinner at a Mexican restaurant! It was super fun. We- the non-Des moines guys, had moved to a hotel right beside the airport so that we could spend more time downtown. We had a grand adventure trying to get back to it after dinner. The "adventure" included two trains, a bus, an extended walk in no particular direction, and then finally a taxi.

Anyways, that's my race report-ish. I've got one shot to prove myself at Gatineau now, and I think it's finally all coming together. Got my fingers crossed!


Lauren said...

I love this last pic - you girls crack me up!
Congrats to both of you!!

Alex Coates said...

haha thanks Lauren! Good luck in Des Moines!! Drink lots of electrolytes before and all that....