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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sooo Amazing!!

Des Moines. Amazing. that's all.
Okay not really....

First off Lauren running her way up to third!! Like holy cow!! Me and Austin were taking bets- "Can she do it?? She's got it I told you so!!" LAUREN IS ON THE PODIUM AT DES MOINES!!
$25 000 cha-ching! ( I think that's how much she got...)

Next watching AMac swim!! He came out the water in front on the first lap and we were like, " Aagg he should have drafted on the first lap and saved himself for the next one", and then watching the mass of limbs and heads popping out of the water we were fairly sure Andrew was the guy in second going the Wrong direction!! But nope ANDREW MCCARTNEY IS OUT FIRST!!
$5000 in the bank cha-ching!!

Then watching the guys on the bike- we had Simon, Kyle, Brent all in the front-ish pack with a ton of all the other best athletes in the world and who knew what was going to happen. Onto the run and somewhere in those 4 laps a pack of 6 guys Whitfield, Kahlefeldt, Frodeno, Gemmell, Shoemaker and Gomez forms, with all of them refusing to make the break, and McMahon right on their heels! And then coming into the finish I was like, Yup SImon is going to win- I know it! AND SIMON WON!! He can thank me later- as it was obviously my faith that got him his:

$200 000 Cha-ching! and a car...

oh man!! I'm Sooo pumped. I'm also overloaded on Jubejubes. Apparently watching the most exciting races ever with a bag of Jubejubes on hand is a baaad idea. Oh well, they are gone now.

Can't wait for the relays tomorrow!!

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Kirsten said...

you are sooo cute! ahaha

yay team CAN!:)