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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Superalex fail

So here is the story of my worst race ever. I feel like I've had my fair share of bad races, but this one is the worst. I think i may pull a Sco-dag and "retire".
(at least till tomorrow.)
This morning I woke up and felt pretty good. My stomach was bothering me as usual ( I need to get that fixed!!) but otherwise my cold that's been hanging on ruthlessly since Monday was pretty much gone. I took some tums and a tylenol cold and was feeling pretty good.

I was ranked 4th ( I'm trying not to imagine what my ranking is now), so I got a pretty sweet start spot in the water. Unfortunately there was more girls than space though, and even with my sweet start spot, I got crushed when the gun went off. We were all dolphin diving like mad, and I think we were all just pushing off people, not the lake's bottom. My first 200 went exactly as planned ( minus the goggles getting filled up with water) and I sat right up in the front pack. I couldn't breathe from the cold (The water temp was 13.2 degrees), but I didn't let myself panic because I knew everyone was in the same boat (or... water). After the first buoy I still sat in the front, although now I was just hanging on to the tail end of the front pack. As we swam back to the beach my arms and legs felt like they were made of lead, and the gap between me and the girls I needed to be with grew and grew. I probably started to panic, which made breathing even harder and swimming even slower, and when I finally came out of the water I was nowhere near where I had wanted to be.
The run up to T1 was torture, frozen legs, no breathing, panic, arms unable to undo my velcro behind my neck, and when I finally got to T1 I couldn't get my ice block legs and feet out of the wetsuit.
Eventually, after one of my most dramatic transitions ( Not counting the time that I hit Kyla in the head with my bike...) i jumped on my bike and tried to put my feet right in my shoes only to have the left one FALL OFF!!! Gaaahh. So I circled around, hopped off my bike, put my shoe on my foot, re-hi-hoed, and started again. Finally off on the bike.

Along with Worst Race Ever, I think I can honestly say Worst Bike Ever as well. I started off on my own and then caught a couple younger girls and we were riding together for a bit. My legs were really cold and weak. After about 2 km I turned to spit and shocked myself by puking! (Sorry girl behind me) I puked once more after that and then my left leg cramped up really bad, probably from the cold. For some reason I told the girls that we needed to start taking shorter pulls and working together, and so they did, And I got dropped. I think that was the biggest failure of my race. I could have held on easily but my leg was hurting so much that I just wanted to feel sorry for myself and drop out and I think I just let them go (although it didn't feel like that at the time). I ended up biking at least 6 km by myself, until Abbie Miller from sask and I believe Mackenzie (sorry for the bad spelling) from Alberta caught me and they were really supportive and I stayed on their wheels for awhile. My leg was really hurting and at one point I let a big gap form between me and them, and then I sobbed for a bit and contemplated pulling over and sitting on the side of the road, and then I HTFU-ed and stood up a caught them again. (surprisingly quickly actually).
After that point the race got better. My left leg relaxed and stopped hurting with about 4 k to go, I got a bit of energy back, I had a really good T2 and then when I started running I felt really fast! My legs felt smooth and I didn't really think the whole time, I just ran as fast as I could. The whole race was over pretty quick, (as sprint races are) and our whole team did really awesome, so I'm trying not to be a downer.

Things I learned/ Can take from it:
-tighten cleats
- Don't get dropped on the bike because biking by yourself is worse
- Even when you don't think you'll be able to finish, sometimes it gets better

Postitives: Good first 400m of swim, Good hi-ho silver x2 and good T2 plus run.

The End

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Jairus Streight said...

How are we ever supposed to know what it takes to be at the top, when we have never experienced being at the bottom? Learning from these experiences is how we truely make something happen! All the best alex!