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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Junior Nats and Such

Just a few minutes ago I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about in this post, but my brain just shut down so I don't think this post is going to be as extraordinary as it was going to be. I also think it may be full of run-ons (such as my semi run-on previous sentence).

Anyways, Nationals was last weekend in Gatineau, Quebec. The morning of the race it was pouring like you wouldn't believe! The type of downpour that makes cars pull over because their windshield wipers don't go fast enough. We're talking instantly drenched! I had trouble eating breakfast again, which is a re-occuring issue. I have an awesome plan for next race that will need to be tried out. It involves excessive antacid taking as soon as I get to race place, and pro-smoothie making! I'll also try to shove some real breakfast down my throat, but I haven't been able to count on normal breakfast the last couple of races.

Warming up went well, the bike wu wasn't as good as usual because it was raining so hard, but the run and swim were better than usual I think. My running felt pretty heavy in warm up, but I tried not to think about it too much. One again my great teammates tried to save me a spot on the beach as I was ranked 10th, but this time they wanted us to stay in order. I had an awesome start despite the not super optimal start-spot, and before I knew it I was swimming right alongside Alison! The rest of my swim felt really good and I finally exited the water right with the front pack girls! (Although we were 20 sec back from Hilary).

The bike didn't feel as good as my swim. For some reason my legs just didn't have the energy I am used to. We went around a corner and Stevie and Christine made their much anticipated break, and although Alison, Marianne and I stepped it up, I don't think we realized how important it was to stay with them. As it was we never caught up to them again, and we ended up being swallowed by a much larger chase pack. This was a semi good thing because my two other domestiques, Gaby and Kyla were in that pack! I know now what a mistake it was to not put the hammer down and catch the two powerhouse riders though.

T2 was kind of crazy as I wasn't in the front like I should have been. I got out of transition around 4th in the pack though, and I quickly ran up to the leaders. I led our little pack until about 1.25 k, which was when Gabrielle Edwards caught us and the pace picked up a notch. It was about at this point that I wished I had fricken taken my gel on the fricken bike! When will I learn! Anyways, for the rest of the run I gave it everything I had, but it wasn't the best. Last year I ran 17:50 on that course, and this year I ran 18:24, so I am disappointed :(.
I have two excuses for this- one is that I am dumb and seeing as I can't eat breakfast before races I really really need to take a gel on the bike. Excuse two is that after I sprained my ankle 2 weeks previous, I hadn't had any good runs leading up to the race, so that could have been why my run wasn't completely up to par. Anyways, excuses aside I gave it everything I had on the day. I am decently happy with my race, even though I didn't prove myself the way I had hoped to.

Now I don't know what the rest of my summer will look like! I am almost certain that that was my last Junior Elite race. My season definitely didn't go the way I had planned but I'm learning a lot. As Kyla says, you don't really learn anything from winning anyhow, you learn better when you mess up. So seeing as I have messed up so much I think I should be a genius by now.
Also, I am excited to race U23 in Kelowna! It'll be my first ever Olympic distance race.

I gotta eat dinner. I'm starving. Congrats to Alison on an amazing race and to AMac who came 2nd at the PanAmerican Cup in SanFran and also congrats to Stevo who came 2nd at the international Vancouver half on Sunday and good luck to Austin who is racing this weekend.

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