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Friday, July 17, 2009

Just letting it out

Funny thing the way life works. I made some goals at the start of the year, they were:
1. I will make the National Team and be competitive at Worlds.
2. I will win Canada Summer Games
3. I will not get sick

Now these were highly optimistic goals, but they left wiggle room. A decent finish at the Games, just qualifying for Worlds, and reducing the amounts of time spent sick in bed, that is what I really wanted.

Needless to say none of those goals were accomplished. I'm finding it kinda hard to get my head wrapped around the fact that I blew my season so badly. In years past I've made goals, and they haven't worked out, but I didn't get too down on myself. I guess just training all season with these ones in the front of my mind, and then coming to the realization that I don't have any more chances to achieve them is really hurting.

I guess you just have to make new goals and move forward. Ups and Downs, they happen to everyone. Injuries happen, and sickness happens. Even just plain old crappy races happen. Sometimes luck isn't on your side either.

I still wish I could have a re-do though.

Anyways, that is over. Time to move forward and not think back, yet take what I have learned with me. Grow up I guess. Start training like a U23 athlete. Focus a bit more on school.

All that jazzzzzz


swhitfield said...

hey Alex, two steps forward, one step back. just keep moving forward. as my dad liked to say, "the first 120 years are the hardest" :)

be relentless, the rest will follow.

Alex Coates said...

Thanks Simon :) I'll try my best to be relentless.