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Monday, July 27, 2009

Random updates and Orange skies

Sooo.... thought I'd write a new post, cause the depressing one has been sitting there for too long. Basically training is going well, although I've been going through a period of insomnia which sucks. We biked up Hurricane Ridge on Friday which was super fun! My mom was out here and she got volunteered to be the support vehicle! I wasn't feeling very good, so my time will be extra easy to beat next year.

Yesterday we did the Thetis Lake Swim for MS. About half the team did the 3000 m, the other half 1500m, 2 (Kirsten and Brook) did the 5 k and 1 person (Brook) did the 5 and the 1500! I did the 1500 and I felt pretty good in the water but I made a rookie mistake and didn't get with the pack that I should have. I ended up swimming with some old (er) people in wetsuits while watching the rest of my team swim away! I still think I swam pretty well, and i don't think I would have had trouble sticking with the pack if I had just gone with them to begin with.
I am extremely sore today. And very very tired too. Hopefully we'll get a bit of a break before the "race" on Sunday. It'll be my first ever Olympic! And it isn't draft legal, so that means 40k by myself on the bike! gaahhhh. Hopefully I have magically gotten better at tt-ing on since last year!
Also, team Manitoba is here training with us this week, which is cool. Our track practice yesterday was really crowded and I kept trying to run lanes, but nobody would do it with me. Also the Oak Bay track isn't set up for 200's, so I was pretty much just cheating.

Anyways, I have included pictures of the sky seen from my Balcony on Saturday night. We had a sweet storm thing going on, and the sky turned orange.


Kamal Rae said...

I hope I'm not one of those old(er) people!

Alex Coates said...

haha nope- I was way behind you!