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Monday, July 6, 2009


So Kyla is sick, Austin was sick, and I feel off. Great! Especially since I'm finally feeling ready to race!
So in order to not get sick here is what I did today:

9:00 am -get up and go swimming. (took some zinc and some elderberry supplements) Extra 2 hours of sleep should be a good thing.
11:30 am- massage! Felt great
12:30 - home. Ate some eggs and a big salad as well as a zinc lozenge. "Lysoled" all surfaces and tried to only touch things with my pinkies. I soon gave up on that one.
1:30 - physio for my ankle
2:30- green tea from starbucks at which point I got a bit of a headache accompanied by spots in my eyes and had to drive pratically blind to my next appointment. That was a negative on my health meter for sure.
3:00- acupuncture with Christine. I told her about my migrane-thing and she kinda fixed it.
4:30- home. made a health smoothie! It contained raspberries, tons of blueberries, a banana, some papaya juice, water, ice, hemp protein and maca. It made me feel better instantly!
4:45- finishing this post and going to take a nap cause I need it. Also am coughing cause I just overdosed on oil of oregano.

So that was my superhealth day. Please please please please make me healthy! I've been good!!!

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