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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Elite Nationals really late race report

The Kelowna apple is always my favorite race, and this year was no exception. No matter what happens in the race, you are in Kelowna afterwards!
This race was different for me this year, because it was my first Olympic distance race, as well as being elite nationals. I was pretty nervous because I hadn't been feeling very good in training and I didn't know anyone (other than the three ladies who came first, second and third of course) that I would be racing against. My biggest fear was that I would exit the water last, and then have no one to draft off of, and then ultimately either get lapped out or come last. Luckily that didn't happen!! Whew

My race played out pretty well. I moved my way up in the swim and although I somehow managed to smash into the ground while diving in for my second lap, overall the swim didn't hurt too bad. Somehow I was first girl in chase pack out of transition, and it wasn't really until THE hill that I was caught by the rest of the chase pack. The hill hurt a lot, but it was definitely my forte. I mostly hung on to the back of the pack, and I did a lot of sprinting after corners, because I was at the back and my cornering sucked. On the third lap I believe I got dropped on a corner, but luckily I got swallowed up by the second chase pack, and even luckier we caught right back up to first chase pack! From then on my cornering improved drastically. On the 5th lap I tried to take my gel and I dropped it! Big mistake number 2 or 3....

Onto the run I felt amazing on my first lap. I was trying to hold back, but it just felt so easy! I began taking my second gel, and somehow I managed to drop that as well! Biggest mistake yet! By the second lap I was already bonking. On the third lap I actually stopped at the spot where I had dropped my gel, picked it up and ate it! I think it kicked in in the medical tent after I finished, but hey, I finished! I was disappointed with my run, but I was pretty happy with the rest of my race. It did feel long, but not too bad really. I'm excited for next year. I also wasn't too disappointed with my result. I came 13th overall, but I was also surprised to find out I got to go on the podium, because I was 3rd U23! It definitely made the race worthwhile.

After the race Austin, Terral (Austin's older brother), and I spent 5 or 6 days climbing the Skaha bluffs, then we went to Squamish and did some more climbing, and then we finished of the vacation with surfing in Tofino. It was awesome.

Good Luck to Paula and Andrew M. and Andrew Y. racing U23 worlds tomorrow in Australia, and then good luck to our National team guys and of course good luck to Matt and Ian and Connor and Kyla and Rachel and Alison in Junior worlds on the 13th! Which is the 12th here in case anyone wanted to watch the race on

ps. first day of school was today. I was late for my first class. classy

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