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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A day in the life...

So yesterday, mid-afternoon, I headed out on my run. I ran up cook street, around beacon hill, and back home. While I was running down cook street, I joined up with this guy who was running barefoot down the sidewalk, and carrying a backpack. I thought he was just a wierdo who was late for an appointment, but after a couple blocks with the sound of his slapping feet behind me, I realized he was actually on a run. So at an intersection I asked him if his feet hurt.
Had he ever tried barefoot running shoes?
A couple.
Didn't like them?
Not as much as real barefoot running.
Cool, see ya. And I accelerated off not wanting to be slower than the guy with a backpack and no shoes. I got to Beacon Hill and ran up to the top, where I stopped to stretch my iliotibial tract (i'm in anatomy this semester) and look at the ocean. It was sunny, the water was sparkly, and there was absolutely no clouds. Quite amazing!
Then I ran off through the gardens, where I ran beside a peacock for awhile and I looked at these insane flowers that looked like huge upside down bells.
And then I ran back home, passing all the little coffee shops and cute stores.
Yup, Victoria is pretty sweet.
Then I went out for sushi with some pals (sushi in victoria is also amazing just so everyone knows), and then we hit up the climbing gym. Apparently Victorians have much better things to do on a Friday night, because it wasn't very busy. Like Kyla pointed out, "the city did invest in public street-side urinals..."

I have way too much homework to do.

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