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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkins and Pectoral Girdles

So with two midterms tomorrow and practically zero studying done for them, I thought I would update my blog! I'm not training right now because I broke my collarbone last wednesday during our first cross ride of the year. I was riding around our little obstacle course, and I was getting cocky because for the first time ever I was clearing the little wood plank with BOTH wheels. ( I suck at cross biking if you haven't already guessed) I was going too fast, and I don't remember anything except jumping, screaming (unintentionally) and landing. I think I landed with my front wheel turned and got thrown over my handle bars. The funny thing is that the log was small enough you could just ride right over it. The ironic part of this story was that I had just finished writing a test on the pectoral girdle before going biking!

So I haven't done any physical activity for a week minus my armless water running which was painful. I did go to Jasper for thanksgiving which was amazing. Kyla and I won a pumpkin carving contest - I'll post our winning pumpkin! I'll also post our family thanksgiving picture- Evan looks funny in it because he looks funny in 90% of pictures (sorry Evan, it's just the truth)

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