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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today I went to weights at 8:30. ( I may have been there at 8:34... I have trouble being exactly on time). Then I biked for 75 minutes at PISE on the trainer until my butt couldn't take it anymore. Then I went home, ate, danced, and went to Swimming!
Today I swam ( one armed) for the entire practice! I did 2500 m one arm!! I am the fastest right armed swimmer ever! Or so I like to think.
Then I went straight to accupunture. It was more painful than usual today, but it sure helped. Then I ate some dinner and headed out to meet my dance team. We practiced on our dance for two hours! It is awesome. I think it has a lot of shock factor for what is supposed to me mostly a cultural dance (don't tell the rest of the class!). I'll try to post it after we perform of Friday. (for anyone who doesn't know- I am in EPHE 109 for Kinese, and it is a dance class, in case you were wondering)
Then I came home, and now I am sending out some sponsorship letters so that hopefully some kind soul/company out there will decided to help me out!

That is what I did today. It is more activity than I have done since I flew over my handle bars a month ago.


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