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Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh to be a Leader

I took EPHE 252 this semester. It was a course on Leadership. I spent about 5 days writing our final report. I am fairly certain she isn't even going to read it, because it is too long.

Today me and Austin did our long run. I was mad at him the whole time because he was always about a foot ahead of me. He was mad a me the whole time because I kept surging or else running behind him. We didn't talk the whole time. It was definitely a long run. (don't worry Austin, I forgive you ;)

I coached today. We played Penguin for ten minutes. Ten minutes of me saying words that sound like penguin, and then them jumping in when I said it. In out, in out, in out, for ten minutes!! Sure was fun!

Now, being serious. Charlie Brown Christmas music is the best.



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