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Thursday, January 14, 2010

lattes, beads and physio

Today I had coffee in the morning before school. Then after class we stopped at Penn runners and I was bonking (not truly "bonking" as in bonking during a 3 hour ride, but bonking as in really badly needing food), so I stopped to get food in the coffee shop across the road. The soy chai latte was calling my name incessantly, so I bought one, but unfortunately they made me a soy latte (mostly coffee) instead. Apparently I can only take so much coffee in one day, because I feel like I am on speed (not that I would know what speed feels like). I can't stay still!!!! I can't even think still!

I am currently getting behind in school because of my excessive physio/massage/acupuncture/chiro/orthotics appointments. I have been falling apart lately. I think it is because I took time off during my collarbone injury, and now that I am back training full time, by body isn't adapting fast enough. It'll adapt soon though because I am forcing it to! (oh and I'll catch up on school soon enough- i'm a quick reader)

Yesterday I was cleaning out my room, and I found all of my jewelry that I have made over the years. Lately, whenever Kyla and I go to our cabin (so once a year...) we have been renting tables at Bavin glassworks, and making beads. We then make bracelets out of said beads. I have decided that I am going to rent a table at an art fair/market on a sunday some day, and hopefully make some money to support some of my many physio/massage/acupuncture/chiro appointments.

i can't wait to be fast! I just can't wait!! aaarrrrggg I just want to be fast again. soon my friend. soon.

Here are some pictures of the jewelry and of Kyla making beads.

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