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Monday, March 15, 2010

5 minute study break

And 5 things I have learned Recently

1) Semi-understanding material prior to cramming is essential for cramming. Copying down class notes while writing study notes is not optimal.

2) Riding with music and a HR monitor is the only way to do 30 minutes of solo steady state and hill repeats

3) Only 3 ish more weeks of school before exams (although I'm not even halfway through my online course, so that'll be another couple weeks/months)

4) Online courses are too much work. Not worth it.

5) Race pace efforts make you tough.

oh and 6) people can't resist the charm of baby bunnies. Bundles of tennis ball-sized joy!

ps. NTC-ers are working hard- watch your back.

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Kyla said...

bunnies are happy hopping around library. Duckies are happy paddling around library. Passerbys are happy to see first baby bunnies of the year.

Kylas are not happy all alone in library.

Moral of the story: be reborn as a bunny and or duck and receive more love.

Anonymous said...