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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Update because I have a huge midterm that I am supposed to be studying for!! Tucson camp ended and on Friday we all flew home :(. Luckily when we got in my Mom was in Victoria! The next day Austin, Kyla, Momma, and I went over the Vancouver for the day to catch some Olympic action. Unfortunately we didn't have tickets for anything, and it was raining a lot, and the only thing playing in the live cities and tents was the curling (not that I have anything against curling, but it isn't exciting enough to sit in the rain for), and so we pretty much just walked around a lot. It's funny because that day Canada won 3 gold medals, and we were in Vancouver for them, and we only saw it on the tv's when we stopped for lunch! Although it was raining, there was still a ton of people on the streets, with 90% of them decked out in Canada gear. It was pretty cool just to feel the energy and get a feel for the venues and to put yourself in the athletes shoes.

I think it is amazing how much national pride the 2012 Olympics invoked. It was the most exciting Olympics that I have ever seen. Beijing comes close to being the most exciting (because of the triathlon!), but Vancouver wins because the whole thing was OUR olympics. Being in Vancouver to experience some of the patriotism was really a neat experience. Here are the pics!

Rows and rows of inukshuks

Austin, Mom, Kyla in front of the pretty trees!

Sumi on the ice

The Cauldron

Mom and Austin in front of an igloo building

One of many sweet buildings

Athletes village

Kyla and Mom


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