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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recent Adventures

Yesterday Connor ( Our dear youngest rookie), Kyla and I met for our ride at 3:30. Everyone else who either a) are not in school or b) were skipping school, went to the 2:00 brick workout. Anyways, we got a call before the bike saying we could do it as a trainer ride (seeing as it was raining pretty good), but since we didn't find out until we were all suited up and ready to go, I voted we just getter done outside. It is also easier to stay motivated outside.

Anyways, the ride started out fairly nicely. The roads were wetter than expected, and we were instantly soaked, but it wasn't too cold. Workout started with an observatory climb, and 4x30 sec accelerations. All good (minus mud spray to face).
Onto the workout, which was 4x6 minutes of "harder than race pace". The first one went well. I stayed on Connor's wheel for 5 minutes- it's just like motor pacing! The second one we decided to head north, with a plan of coming back on the third interval, and heading for home on the fourth, giving us still time for cool down and then run off the bike.

This is where the adventure begins. Connor starts his interval, and Kyla and I are immediately dropped (due to starting the interval in the middle of a big hill- I take credit for that mistake). We hammer for 6 minutes, begin our easy portion, and Connor doesn't turn around. We extend the easy. No Connor. Fine, he decided to do another interval in this direction (the wrong one). We can't just leave him out here by himself, so we'll have to do another interval as well. We see glimpses of his red jacket ahead of us. 6 minutes hard and 4 minutes easy later, and Connor is completely out of sight. And we have reached the airport!

I decide we should start riding easy back, and he should catch up to us on his last interval. We ride for awhile, and finally pull over to try calling him. At this point you should be reminded that it is still raining, and getting more and more windy (read "headwind"). The socks are drenched. The gloves are drenched. And we are at least 40 minutes from home. The shakes have begun, and the numbness is setting in.

(switch tenses)

After not being able to get a hold of him, I finally voted we abandon Connor to his fate, and we started riding back. Since being in Victoria, I have had to learn how to stay tough while riding in horrible conditions. This was definitely one of the worst times. I couldn't change gears, I couldn't get my legs to work, I was laugh-sobbing...
We race-pace/tempo-ed ALL the way back. And this is another tip I picked up while living in Victoria: the only way to unfreeze your fingers is to bike really really hard. Right when we got back to the Observatory, I began feeling my fingers again!Just in time for the real (glycogen) bonk to hit as we rolled into the parking lot.

And that was our recent adventure.

But wait! (You ask) What happened to Connor? Apparently he arrived in Sydney and called for a ride. We are happy you weren't getting hypothermia on the side of the road with a broken spoke (as was my theory).


Kirsten said...

the laugh-sob!! been there! ;)

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................