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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Double Trouble + Adventures

I've been doing some double swims lately. Rick Say and Pat have been working on my strokes, and I think I have the potential to swim very well! Presently the nice stroke only works when I am wearing fins, a snorkel and am going 0.1 km/h. Today we did our usual tuesday swim, and I tried to keep my strokes together, but it was a lost cause. I'm back in the water really soon though, so I'll do 3 k perfect at snails pace and maybe tomorrow will go better.

Here are some pics of Danika, Paula, Kyla and I on a grand adventure last week:
We missed the turnoff, so we started our adventure by attempting to bushwack

(I like this one!)

We quickly came to this cliff- as well as a wall of impenetrable bushes, and so we jumped back into the jeep (good 'ol Fergus), and backtracked a little and finally found the trail

Same picture except I focused on the cool cactus plant! (Completely on purpose of course)

So pretty

Kyla hauled our "nutrition" and rain jackets even on the rock climb. We were prepared. 

Looking for creatures

Awesome little beach

Our rainbow of rocks


A-Russ said...

i would guess this is somewhere near Sooke...?

Alex Coates said...

Yup! Right in Sooke!

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot