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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I woke up this morning very grumbly. I usually wake up grumbly, but today I was especially so because I haven't been falling asleep this week. This is self induced as I have been going to bed too late, which causes me to not be able to fall asleep. ANyways. The purpose of this post is to show how my day turned around!

I woke up grumbly, but went and had a decent swim #1. I then went to physio with Paul ( I have been waiting for a month for this appointment!) and I came out super happy because he says he thinks that if I do all my exercises, I can start a run-walk program next week!!!!!!! He definitely knows his stuff, and he helped pull my SI joint back into place. He also gave me IMS, which was my third needling of the week.  I swear everyone is becoming too needle happy these days. Thank you Brent and Carolyn for encouraging me to go see him.

Today was official move-out and inspection day at the other apartment, and so I arrived at the apartment an hour early (What.... early? Alex Coates? No way) in order to clean out the oven properly, and the inspection guy was already there! He said he thought I'd be there at around that time. He's the second psychic person I have spoken to this week. Anyways, I played it cool, didn't mention the oven, and we got our whole deposit back! ( I have a can of oven cleaner that is still sitting in my purse). He also offered to be a reference and said it was a long time since he had done that. Sweet- I think we owe it all to my amazing carpet cleaning skills which kept me up past bedtime. It has nothing to do with Austin's OCD cleaning skills...

 I missed my time slot to do my double swim at commonwealth, so I need to go find a pool. I was thinking the Ian Stewart, but don't know if I am brave enough to swim outside yet. Maybe I'll wear my wetsuit.

Also, I watched Glee last night, and I have now been cleaning my house while breaking out some decently awesome (if I do say so myself) dance moves. I think NTC boys should be afraid for next years dance competition, because I am fairly certain the girls are going to annihilate. That's right. Annihilate. ps. Did I ever mention that Vanessa Fernandes "liked" (facebook "liked") our dance. My life is complete! (see this years competition courtesy of Kirsten's blog)

Almost everyone is racing this weekend, so good luck to them! I guess the start times have been changed back, and the elites will be racing in the heat of the day. I love the sun, but 40 degree races are dangerous. For everyone that is racing: make sure you are hydrated and are full to the brim with electrolytes! And then pour water over your head at all opportunities, never skip a water station (drink at every station, even if you aren't thirsty, or you only have 400 m to finish), and if you feel like your head is going to explode you are already losing brain cells. We want no one to pass out or come back brain damaged! haha Now everyone is excited to race!  Oh and watch out for them crocodiles, jellyfish and sharks! Heard Cole got a jelly to the face? Hope there aren't any large swarms of jellyfish during the race.... haha. Seriously though, stay safe.

Good luck from the number one fan : SuperAlex


Kirsten said...

alex coates you are the cutest!!

Alex Coates said...

haha thanks Kirsten :)

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