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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ten reasons why our house is more HP than yours:

#1: hella swim cords! (Courtesy of Dawn Horn, Thanks Dawn!)

#2 : And sweet swim cord set up! (in compression of course)

#3 : The Trek corner: really awesome bike rack from Trek Procity

#4 : Clean Air Plants (..that always seem to bounce back to life) 

#5 : Healthy things routine for when you are sick (Including flintstone gummies!)

#6 : Kyla takes her healthy things in a wetsuit. (Just kidding- she was just trying it on for the first time!) 

#7 : We drink really disgusting smoothies

#8 : We shop 98% Red Barn! 

#9 :  physio corner

#10 : One word: NormaTec

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