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Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Tips of the Day

Today I was riding solo again, and because I can't seem to zone out, I came up with these tips. Here is my How to Train Solo if You Are Spoiled and Generally Train in a Group:

#1. Wear a heart rate monitor. That way you can tell if you are working hard enough, or are working too hard. I tend to feel as though I am not trying hard enough, and this causes a very long mental battle: "Work harder, Relax, Work harder, Calm down, Work harder, Shut up!" That's why I wear a heart rate monitor.

#2. If you don't have any music, try to get a good song in your head. Otherwise your brain will come up with a bad one half way through the session. My brain came up with "It's Raining Men" today at an hour into my ride.

#3. If you can, bring music.

#4. Plan out your training session before you go, so that you don't have to think about it while you are out there. This reduces the possibility of taking short cuts, and also stops you from having too many fights with yourself over when to turn around.

#5. Do not think about time in any way while training solo. For example, when you get to a certain spot on your ride, don't say to yourself, "Man that felt like an hour to get here, and it was only 15 minutes." Also do not look at your watch very often because time passes slower when you are alone. If you follow #4, you won't have to check your watch unless you are doing intervals.

Be HP. Dream Big.

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