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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's new with me?

Oh not much. Just getting fit.

What's not so new with me?:
- Went to Coteau and proved that I don't have to quit triathlon just yet
- Went home to see a friend visiting from Aussie. Did a mountain OW swim which was decently awesome
- Trained
- Went to San Francisco and watched some extremely intense races that left me a little worn out. Then Austin and I saw the Broadway Wicked, which was wicked, as well as walked all around San Francisco.
- Went and had a $500 knee consultation.
- Trained
- Watched Hamburg WCS. twice.
-Went to Saltspring for the day! It was charming

Also, as Kelowna approaches, I'm getting some happy vibes! Here are some EPIC summertime pictures from last year post Kelowna.

Rippin it. 
There are two Horns way up there. 
Well, the waterfall was very hot. 

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