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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Morning

I got out of bed at 8:30 this morning and realized two things:
#1 I have the whole day ahead of me to do whatever I want, and #2  I can watch the Kitzbuhel Women's WCS race right now!

 I rushed over to our supercomputer ( A computer with a very large monitor that we use as our TV) and anxiously got it all booted up. Next came the hard part, getting to the WCS video on demand site without seeing who won! In London Jairus came over to watch the men's race, but unfortunately as we got it set up we both ended up glancing at's main page and saw Gomez crossing the line. Only Austin got to watch the race and be super excited when Gomez out ran both Brownlees. This time I had a plan. I grabbed a large canvas off the kitchen table (part of our 3 part painting we are working on), and walked over to supercomputer with squinted eyes. Then I clicked on the triathlon page and held the canvas over most of the computer screen. Then, making sure my eyes were very squinted and cross-eyed, I clicked on the VOD button and was safely able to un-squint and put the painting back on the table. YES!!! hahahahahah mission accomplished.

Unfortunately I had to repeat that a couple of times because the VOD wasn't working super well, but eventually I got it going. yesyesyesyesyes. I made sure not to check any social networking sites, or my phone, and then all systems were a go!

The swim started. I felt sick to my stomach. In general I get sympathy nerves for the whole race, but the swim is always the worst, because it is the hardest and if it goes badly the whole race is ruined. I watched as the girls ran out of the water.... Paula was on the tail end of front pack, and the giant make or break question was, is she going to get in or not???? I watched as one of the ladies came to a dead stop out of transition, put one foot on top of her shoe and started scooting forward, as another girl swerved head down trying to put her feet right in her shoes. This was good. Anything to slow them down just a little. The first lap of the bike started,  and where was paula? where was paula? And then I saw her name. HUge sigh of relief. All was good. Funny thing was Barry thought she was in chase pack for a whole lap after that, but by that point I had already seen Paula leading up the hill in the front pack, so I wasn't worried.

Austin walked in from his run. "DON'T TELL ME WHO WINS!!! " I yelled. "Can I turn this down, it's really loud," he replied. "WHAT?" I yelled. Austin turned the sound way down. I could still hear it fine. oops.

The run started. Paula was in the front. SHe can do it. SHe can do it. I bounced around the house. The commentators kept saying Lisa Norden looked tired, but I didn't think she did. Paula looked amazing, but what if Lisa pulled out some insane sprint and won? WHY CAN'T I RUN LIKE THAT!!!!!

And then Paula puts on her surge. No problem, no worries. I die on the couch. Coolest thing ever!!!!!!
WHy doesn't the world understand how coool that was! Why isn't the top trending on twitter not Paula Findlay ????? gaaaahhhhh

Anyways, Congrats Paula on another super exciting race :) That was my take on the race. I'm sure everyone else watching was just as excited.


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