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Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 Things I Made

1. I successfully made my first screen for screen printing! It is seaweed. (It only took me a month to get it right.)

2. I successfully made my second screen for screen printing! It is a whale.

3. I made dinner which consisted of beet-spinach-goat cheese salad, fish sticks and stuffed peppers. It was good. I'm also making Noa's Zucchini muffins (In loaf form), which will also be good.

Don't judge the wine glasses, they are the only ones we have.

4. I made up my mind up about rowing- I'm never doing it. I watched my friend, Elise, compete in the national rowing regatta this weekend. She placed second in the B finals.  I witnessed many athletes with "Track-Hack" afterwards, counting one guy who made himself puke. (Guess it's called something else if it's not from the track- cardio cough?)

5. I made myself heal, and therefore I can swim tomorrow :)

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