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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take that Primal Diet!

Austin, Kyla and I reached our ultimate primal potential this evening! Check it out. (This post is also to make Alison and Matt jealous for not coming over due to prior commitments) 

We started off by heading down to fisherman's wharf, where we met some friends. 

Manny the Mammoth Seal

He would do tricks for fish!

We also ran into this famous kid:
But he couldn't come to dinner and was in slightly different attire

We also picked up Ed, Ned and Fred.

We went home and began making our epic-ly primal meal. Here's how it went:
Kale salad

Roasted vegetables


Poor poor Ned. He was dropped into not quite boiling water. Luckily he wasn't quite awake after a jaunt in the freezer, so hopefully he didn't suffer for long. The temperature change made Fred's claws crack off. It was gross. 

But hey, not much is more primal than making a meal out of live animals! Except if we had caught them ourselves I suppose. (Poorpoorednedandfred- I wanted to go set them free, but they were too darn expensive!)

I then made two different types of primal powerbars. Not sure if the nutty-er ones are going to stay together.

Then, (and this is the best part!) perhaps inspired by Lauren's celebration brownies, I made some "primal" brownies. They are made with dark chocolate, almonds and eggs (that's pretty much it). Here is the recipe found at Elana's pantry. It's an awesome site! I generally only use half the agave her recipes ask for though.

I haven't quite entered the realm of being a chef-triathlete, which seems to be the rage, despite this picture filled post. On top of not properly killing Ned, I also shoved my hands into just-off-the-burner melted coconut cream. I also still don't really like cooking, but I like eating good food, so maybe it will grow on me. Hope you are burning with envy Mattali! (haha I like that... Mattali... )



A-Russ said...

hmmm....that seal looked pretty plump floating along there. He could be another primal meal when you run out of ideas.

Alex Coates said...

Noooo! Not Manny!

Ali said...

all I have to say is damn...sorry we missed it! Matt and I are going primal on Sunday and we should all pitch in and do a dinner...that is if you'll ever invite us again hehe...looked yummy!


Barb. S. said...

ok GUILTY!! I was the reason they didn't make it to your yummy primal dinner extravaganza!! They were having marginal primal dinner with me!!