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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Too Many Exciting THings are happening!

I'll start at the beginning, and mention things worth mentioning.

Firstly, I raced the swim-bike in Kelowna a week and a half ago. It went pretty well, and I was happy with it. My swim was front of chase pack, same as in Coteau. Our pack was pretty big at the start of the bike, but was widdled away to 4 girls pretty fast due to THE HILL, the corners and the overall very fast pace. For me, the bike was the hardest bike of my life, and not because of THE HILL. It was actually because Chantal Widney was such a tank on the bike, and Evelyne Blouin was such a tank on the corners that the end result was me hanging on for dear life. I actually was happy every time THE HILL came around. I think the reason that we weren't gaining on the leaders was because Sarah-Anne and I didn't share the load much. I think if we had implemented a "drop back"pace line instead of "pull-through" pace line, we could have kept the pace rolling and Widney and Blouin could have had more breaks. I never said anything at the time though, mostly because I was the annoying one sucking wheel at the back, and I didn't feel it would go over well. Also I don't know if I could have talked. Anyways, our group successfully rode through 4 girls, and maintained our distance from the leaders until the last lap, when Blouin, Sarah-Anne and I were dropped from Widney. We then lost about 30 more seconds, but my race was over anyways, so I wasn't too worried. I came into transition in 7th place. And was happy.

My biggest pull

So intense. Need to work on my "serene" face.

After Kelowna we went and hung out in Penticton for a few days and did some climbing and resting. We saw a little black bear out in the bluffs.

Then on thursday we headed to Vic, and by Saturday I was back doing what I do best. I've done a bunch of light swims since being back, a heart-attack-ishly hard swim in the lake yesterday, and one motor pacing effort on the bike.

Now for the New exciting things. 10 things to be exact!

1. Currently I am designing T-shirts, because we just acquired screen printing supplies! Woot. Look out for the AAK printing co. coming soon.

2. Tonight is the NTC year end BBQ hosted by Carolyn and Dean. Yay

3. We are going to Tofino to hang out and maybe do a little surfing on Thursday.

4. I am currently 100% primal. ( Well almost.... I haven't stopped brushing my teeth with toothpaste...) I did wash my hair with Austin's weird Baking soda and vinegar stuff. It made my hair feel very nice actually.

5. We have an awesome business plan that is slowly coming together for the future. (Not going to tell it to the whole wide world just yet). It doesn't have anything to do with T-shirts.

6. I am excited to watch Budapest

7. I get IT band release surgery on the 7th. Exciting?

8. School starts on the 8th. (I'm a tiny bit excited for school. Mostly because I bought a pretty red notebook for one of my classes. )

9. One day I am going to finish my arbutus tree painting, and it will be pretty.

10. I am trying to slowly go barefoot. I want to be able to run sans orthotics. The only problem is I looove the my orthotics. So stable and pain-free.


Kerry said...

oh my god i miss you alex!

Alex Coates said...

I miss you too Kerry! Good Luck on your adventures! Take pictures!

Evelyne said...

Next year your're gonna be able to take pulls on the bike and next year year your're gonna be able to run off the bike. Hey, and next year, we're gonna catch up the lead pack! Good luck with your surgery!

A-Russ said...

you know what this primal diet is gonna do to you right?

Your gonna have cave-man dreams 24/7 and I don't know if I can keep up with the demand of having enough clean lion skins :)

Alex Coates said...

Thanks Evelyne! What a nice comment! Next year we'll catch front pack for sure! And Aruss, I laughed at your comment! Haha oh caveman dreams