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Monday, October 11, 2010

As Primal as possible Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I wanted to go camping, or hiking or adventuring, but unfortunately we had too many things to do. Instead we went grocery shopping. I wanted to make a turkey, so we went and looked at the ginormous birds in the store,  and all I could think of was how un-free run these birds looked (not too mention how hormone-y and antibiotic-y). Instead we found these tiny organic game hens, and Austin made them instead! Not as yummy as turkey, but hopefully healthier. 

We decided that we were going to only cook things we had never cooked before. So first off I made a squash soup. It said to use butternut squash, but I didn't know what any of the squashes were at the store, so I just picked a yellow one. The soup didn't look super pretty, but it tasted good. 

Squash Soup with Walnuts
I made cranberry sauce ( it counted as an original recipe seeing as i have never made cranberry sauce before).  I also made an indian sweet potato salad and a kale salad that was quite salty and I wished I had just made the Kale salad that I liked (but that wouldn't have been original!)

We also had a Syrah wine, which was the first time trying that. I honestly couldn't tell you the difference, but it was good. 

And then I made this awesome dark-chocolate orange grain free torte!  I wanted to make the pumpkin cheese cake recipe on Elana's pantry, but after looking at it I was too confused, and so settled for this.

Yay for blog posts solely about food. I am now going to cry over how much we spent on groceries.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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