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Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Awesome Primal Dinners

Last week I made up a dinner chart so that Kyla, Austin and I could each make dinner on a separate night. I think it is a great idea because of these reasons:

- It makes sure we have dinner every night
- No one can complain about having made dinner more often than anyone else
- No one can walk around feeling old and superior for always making dinner
- We (so far) get awesome dinners as we are all highly competitive people. Plus you only have to make a good dinner on your night, so it shouldn't be crap.

- There are 7 days in a week. 7 isn't dividable by 3 (is dividable a word?). I kindly put my name as the 7th day, but every freaking second day I have to make dinner! Gosh

Luckily Austin and Kyla generally help me out, so it's even.

Anyways, here are some dinners. The pictures suck, because the lighting is gross at dinner time.

Primal Pizzas! We put smoked salmon and shrimp and brie cheese!

This was Austin's night. We had shrimp cakes and grilled eggplant (in salmoriglio dressing- don't know how you pronounce that) and Austin's awesome yam fries (which actually are awesome)

Kyla's dinner: Salmon and Asparagus salad and roasted pepper salad.

Last night my dinner was a rosemary apple chicken (which I undercooked a little, but so far we aren't puking, so hopefully it'll stay that way), and yam potato salad and avocado salad!

Aren't we such impressive little cooks.

On another note, we got a composter! It's awesome. Haven't fully set it up yet (actually haven't started setting it up yet), but it is going to be awesome and eco-friendly :) 


Random:  Bonus points for anyone who can guess what the word of the day was in this post.