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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winter Training Camp

We just got back from a great training camp in comox/courtenay/cumberland. Our days consisted of waking up, x-biking on some beautiful (and very gnarly) trails in the mountains, eating, swimming at the courtenay pool, eating, and running either through the forest or around our hotel. We also went out for dinners, relaxed in the outdoor hot tub, the boys had their second annual NTC cup (soccer), and had impromptu HP seminars.

Here are some pics:

Kyla is still doing trainer rides :( Poor Kyla

Team walk-run

Fancy dinner the first night

200 TT

The pool + hot tub

Sushi restaurant- while waiting an hour and a half for food

still waiting

Hot tub 

Our HP vs. UnHP chart. 


And Games

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