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Monday, February 21, 2011

My weekend

Well... Over the weekend I successfully passed my Emergency First Aid/ CPR course...

...while suffering from a mild concussion.

I find it very ironic that I, the clumsiest person on the planet, am now certified to save people's lives. Watch out. I also think that everyone around me should have to take the First Aid/CPR course.

If you were wondering how I managed to give myself a mini concussion, here is the story. If you are a cyclist, stop reading now. I was doing some intervals with the ladies, and ended up riding off the road (that is another story, but it actually has a fairly good explanation). I unclipped, got back on the road, and started riding to catch up. Unfortunately my bike shoes + pedals were covered in mud, and I wasn't able to clip in. I was racing to catch up with everyone while trying to clip in, and I must have been staring at my feet, and suddenly I found myself hurtling for the second time into the ditch. This time i was going much faster, and although for a moment I thought I could use my cross biking skills to ride it out, I ended up going over my handle bars. I was fine and did the rest of the workout, but the next day I couldn't think straight and I had a pounding headache.

I probably shouldn't have taunted the karma gods in Maui. After hearing Sam had a concussion from a rogue wave, I exlaimed, "I may crash a lot, but at least I never hit my head." I think I may have also said something about it being due to strong neck muscles. Anyways, that is the last "triathlete" moment you will see from me. Yessir, from now on I am going to be the most attentive cyclist you ever knew.

Seriously though, going back to first aid class, although I couldn't think straight I still think I was the best CPRer in the room. Well maybe that is just me being cocky, but I did remember to brace the mannequin's neck after he was hit by a "car". No one else remembered that.

ANyways, it was an eventful weekend and tomorrow I hopefully will be able to re-join training land. I count my stupidity as only slightly worse than Ian's. haha sorry Ian!

Good night!

Also, if this post doesn't really make sense... well hey, you know my excuse.

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